TEHELKA - the people's paper

"Tehelka is one of the best sources of news in India..."

"Tehelka has invested heavily in hard hitting investigative reporting and has pushed the boundaries of editorial content further than most..."

"Tehelka is a delightful Urdu word, difficult to translate. It refers to that special kind of tumult provoked by a daring act, or a sensational piece of writing. And Tehelka has certainly lived up to its name..."

Tehelka is an iconic media house and the fastest growing English weekly newspaper in India. It is independent, fearless and stands strongly for public interest journalism. It has very quickly established an enviable reputation -- national and international -- for the quality of its reportage, the eminence of its writers and the refinement of its analyses and ideas.

In the six years since it was born, Tehelka has stood the test. Its courage under fire is well known -- it fought a government witch-hunt to bounce back three years ago with a weekly national paper. But most importantly, it has brought back into hard focus the two most crucial pillars of a free press: public interest and the appetite to question. Tehelka has broken some of the most seminal stories in India in recent years.

One of the most important keys to a free and just society is the existence of a strong and independent media. A media that acts as our conscience and brings news and perspective to us on issues of national interest. A media that acts without fear or favour. Today, perhaps more than any other media group in India, Tehelka has come to stand for these values.

Tehelka is led by Tarun J. Tejpal, a highly respected journalist and public icon in India. In 2001, Asiaweek listed him as "one of Asia's 50 most powerful communicators", and BusinessWeek declared him "among 50 leaders at the forefront of change in Asia". The December 2006 issue of The Guardian listed Tejpal as one of "India's New Elite -- Top 20".

He is also the author of a widely acclaimed debut novel, The Alchemy of Desire, published by Picador Books in England in 2005.